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Brandon Relf

Identity Crisis Prevention Counselor


"Adventure is dangerous but routine is lethal."

Bobby Bray

Academic Deflector


"Are you one of them or all of us? We all are none of us or all of us, one of us, none of us."

Chad Deal

Dean of Unfairs


"Take your own palm tree and moon wherever you go."

For over 20,000 years, The Institute for Navigating the Universal Self has been a worldwide leader in Auto-transitory Arts education. We invite you to unlearn everything you thought you knew about anything in a convenient, comfortable, and communal environment: your mind.


Give yourself the degree you’ve always wanted, instantly!


INUS has been recognized by credentialing bodies including the Liminal Liberation Front, the New Zandarian Hive Mind (awarded the Ambassadorial Lobe’s prestigious Golden Gland designation for Best New Notion of 16,180BC), and your buddy Steve, who told you about us that one time but you weren’t listening because you never listen to Steve and maybe you should work on that, for you, ya know?

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